Why Ash Furniture Is A Nice Addition To Your Home

Those who are not too familiar with the different kinds of hardwood furniture, might think that ash is an altogether different proposition compared with its hardwood rival, oak furniture. Ash is actually a kind of wood with the same elastic and durable properties as oak. It is also a dense kind of hardwood with tighter grain, making it an ideal material in crafting not only living room furniture but also bedroom and kitchen furniture.

Advantages of ash booties

1. It is more affordable than Cambridge oak furniture.

Many people turn away from oak furniture simply because it is too pricey. Antique oak furniture has a shockingly high price tag that cannot be afforded by starting homeowners. If you have just bought your home, on a tight budget and looking for furniture to bring home, oak might not be such a good idea.

2. This material is quite versatile.

Red oak is considered a very versatile hardwood. But as mentioned earlier, it can be quite pricey. A more affordable but still versatile material you can opt for is White Ash. It has similar grain pattern to Red Oak. In fact, once it is has been stained, White Ash has a deceptively oaky appearance to it. Check out living room furniture made from White Ash.

If you like wood furniture made from traditional hardwoods, but you want a cheaper alternative, Black Ash should be a wonderful option. Black ash furniture is such a hot item in the market today. Integrating wood furniture creates a polished and sophisticated look in the room. You can check out couches created from Black Ash to give you a feel for how they will look.

3. It does not emit a strong and pungent wood odour.

Certain types of hardwood and softwood tend to emit a strong wood odour. A lot of people do not really mind the odour since it makes the room smell fresh and clean but others do not care for the odour of wood too much. If you are one of those, this kind of furniture material should work well for you.

4. It is very durable.

Much has been said about its ability to withstand wear and tear. It has hardness and durability similar to white and red oak. As furniture for your living room, it should be a top option. If you have furniture pieces at home that succumb to wear and tear quite often, you might want to invest in furniture pieces made from ash. They are inherently resistant to wear and tear. Ash is also known for its ability to prevent premature decaying. If you still doubt its durability, just check baseball bats. They are made from ash wood. Baseball bats are exposed to wear and tear all the time but they do not break down or get damaged easily. That is how durable ash wood can be.

5. It is sustainable material.

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