Longchamp x Mary Katrantzou



Mary Katrantzou is known for her unique and utterly creative prints and patterns. Her personal collections have been featured in Vogue, Dazed & Confused, and Grazia, and are currently available worldwide in over 60 fashion shops. Katrantzou describes the theme for this collab with Longchamp as “when East meets West,” and the prints feature staircases, rivers and rice fields of Southeast Asia.

Mary Katrantzou and Longchamp

Katrantzou could not pass up the opportunity to work with Longchamp and being a self professed lover of the brand has said that the Longchamp bag is something she grew up admiring and believes the tote is a must-have accessible yet stylish staple for every woman.

Mary Katrantzou Spring 2012

This collaboration could not be more anticipated for myself (a personal Longchamp bag owner and praiser) and many others, I’m sure, as Longchamp’s chic functionality with Katrantzou’s vivid prints are perfect for anyone on a hunt for that perfect standout design (and designer) tote!

Longchamp by Mary Katrantzou hits stores in March, but will be available exclusively on the Parisian online boutique, Colette, that ships worldwide starting January 23. As Mary Katrantzou has said, “every stylish woman owns a Longchamp bag,” and with that I say, happy Longchamp-ing, friends!


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