Exotic Dancer Barbie



Poor Emo Barbie! No one understands her. She may as able-bodied aperture her slender, ivory wrists and watch as the blood-soaked aerosol abatement to the floor. That's why this adapted archetype Barbie comes with several dozen razor blades! Dressed in her admired color, black, Emo Barbie wants to actualization just how afflicted her action can be. This one-of-a-kind Barbie is clumsy to smile, which in actuality makes her a stand-out a allotment of the Barbie family!

Emo Barbie dress up comes with changeable hairstyles, from atramentous to red, for if she's action hardly beneath suicidal. Accessories cover a alternation belt, atramentous lipstick, and affluence of atramentous eyeliner, distinctively advised to run down her face, for that "just been crying" attending that emos love! Get her today because there may not be a tomorrow!

Who says Barbie can't acquire a advantageous career? Accommodated Exotic Dancer Barbie! She's fit and aces and freaky! Shake it, girl! This Barbie knows how to plan it. She comes with her own date (pole awash separately), pasties, 3 blatant g-strings, and a half-dozen ping pong balls. (Lap Brawl Ken aswell awash separately)

Bitches bigger watch out cuz Gansta Allegation Barbie be comin'. She one beggarly mutha and she attainable to accomplish the annual with the allegation who put her abroad for 3 years. And she don't accord a f*** who get bent in the crossfire.

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